Good Governance

  1. Rule of law: fix thana kutchery culture- budgetary beef up of judiciary to deliver fast and accessible justice to all- strengthen/depoliticize police- build an automated accountability mechanism for corruption – get looted wealth back from abroad and not spare any elite members belonging to any profession.
  2. Bureaucracy: Bring meritocracy and professionalism back into the services with job security and relevant pay structures – fix public sector corporations into efficient entities and not white elephants
  3. Local Government: participatory local government at the doorsteps to resolve day to day issues of communities and avoid rigged local govt elections through a full proof mechanism
  4. Social sector: Review and fix BHUs and schools for equitable cluster of population into functional entities to deliver standardized basic services
  5. Economic Revival

  6. Save Pakistan from economic collapse and lead it to fastest growing economy
  7. Recover and then divert looted wealth into subsidies for below poverty line population
  8. Increase tax net and include all income groups, reduce indirect taxes, increase remittances, create equitable taxation for industry and agriculture alike
  9. Create communication web for efficient management of economy by ensuring rail, roads, and IT related networks work at optimal levels
  10. Create productive jobs through providing private sector with maximum support
  11. Manage population growth for a demographic dividend and ensure labour force working at optimal levels
  12. Provide basic social security to most needed segment of society
  13. Increase industrial and agricultural output by providing enabling environment, increase domestic and foreign investment
  14. Promote knowledge economy through HEC, IT sector, and specialized exports.
  15. Transparent equitable resource utilization keeping provincial rights in mind


  1. Integrate our provinces and territories into a real nation by reducing the disparities/ discriminations. Identify the dis-enfranchised groups and mainstream them. Protect women, minorities, religious sects from being attacked.
  2. Create Pakistaniyat and live Pakistaniyat. Fix the despondency. Clean Pakistani politics by having the right expectations from politicians and eliminating the wrong expectations.

National Security

  1. Reduce external interference and protect sovereignty by decreasing dependence on foreign aid.
  2. Identify the enemies of Pakistan, neutralize through negotiations or if hard core then eliminate through force. No double policy and living with the enemy to be allowed. No acceptance of non writ areas or private armies or giving shelter to terrorists
  3. Writ of state to be established in all territories
  4. Strengthen nuclear deterrence and maintain respectable conventional forces for balance of power in the region
  5. Maintain economically productive relations with genuinely friendly countries/neighbors, resolve outstanding disputes including Kashmir with problematic neighbors, build economic network of

Climate change

  1. Water security: water management plans to ensure equitable usage of provinces throughout Pakistan and from head to tail of each province using most efficient technologies.
  2. Energy security: enhance best combinations from least controversial areas and distribute equitably
  3. Food security: ensure basic food intake for growth of all Pakistanis by optimizing food growing techniques and reducing corruption pilferage in distribution

One Response to “Goals”

  1. kamran Says:

    i really am desperate to do something concrete and new for my country. i am just waiting for the right time and opportunity.

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