Visit updated Photographs from parliament, causes and my campaigns.

First speech in the National Assembly

Son’s Quran Khatam

Bhasha-Diamir with father Senator Nisar Memon

With Dadi in 1995

Signing the National Assembly Member roll

As a child with khala and cousin

Skiing in Malam Jabba with son

With Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi Leader of Opposition and MNA Bushra Rehman

Melting glacier Ghulkin

Jalsa Astore

One of the Dinners at Chaudhry Shujaat’s

Jalsa in Astore

MNA lounge with Parliamentary leader MNA Makhdoom Faisal Saleh and MNA Humayun Saifullah

Irshad Sahib our parliamentary chief aide

IT meeting

Nanga Parbat reflection

Our Whips in the National Assembly

With Kashmiri and PML leadership in Islamabad

Submitting questions in National Assembly secretariat

At my workplace

With PML Northern Area Party leadership at Gilgit airport

With Northern Areas Legislative Assembly Speaker, Ministers, Members

Discussing budget recommendations with Computer Association

At 100 day betrayal press conference with Parliamentary leader

At a meeting with the Global Change team

At Madre Millat event with Shahana Apa inLahore PML office

PML General Council meeting July Lahore

Civic sense lacking

Pildat seminar

Presenting National Security Policy

Lorali student who was in the accident -orthopedic ward

Chief Executive of the hospital settling the issues of the affectees

Madrassa in Islamabad

Spanish delegation at Madrassah in its kitchen

Lahore press conference with Leader of the Opposition on assembly agenda on uturns

Constitutional Reform Package Meeting at PML

Lahoris in the rain

Resource management meeting

Response to impeachment threat press conference

Archery training for bulls eye focus amidst a politiking culture which needs changing

With NCA students-artists

Karachi’s best

PML announces its Presidential candidate

Amidst jugnoos and boars with a 30-30 winchester, on target inshallah

Jugnoos of Pakistan who deserve good governance

My legislative guru (Senator Bhinder)

My media guru (Irshad Haqqani)

Lahore In Ramzan

LUMS students

With leadership and Chinese Ambassador

Iftar with Mr Haq and Ms Seemi

Punjab Iftar

Urban Vision IUCN Seminar

Consistent strategic relationship which will take Pakistan to great heights – PML

Consistent strategic relationship which will take Pakistan to great heights – military

President Musharraf with IBA students during Ramzan

With my father and President Musharraf in Karachi this Ramzan

My institution-my school – St Joseph’s Convent High School

my teachers

Sister Zenia and Sister Margaret

Manora site where children lost lives

Mangroves which need to be protected in Manora

Kemari tower blackened due to coal dumping

First Press conference with Father Senator Memon- National Security (Karachi press Club)

Karachi Press Club- room dedicated to my chacha

iftar with PML Karachi women

Malpuras in Boulton Market Karachi with colleagues

With Sister Emelie of St Josephs College

St Josephs college audience

The Monument Islamabad – youth talkshow

China roundtable at IRS

Team making eid goody bags for kids

With kids from SOS village for Eid

For them to bat well in life we need to deliver

Golf with Gina

PML President, PML In charge Northern Areas, PML President Northern Areas

Students in the sun room with President Musharraf

President Musharraf and students from LUMS/NCA

MNAs from Northern Areas Assembly in meeting

Ripah University Pindi -1

Ripah – 2

Ripah 3

Pakistan First Shadow Cabinet- some members in Karachi